IntrinsiCurly Me (ICM)
Curl Creme - (Hair Styling Creme) 250ml

  • The IntrinsiCurly Me Curl Creme can be used as a one product styling creme or with a gel over.
  • It gives just the right amount of hold and curl definition.
  • It’s designed to keep your hair feeling soft and hydrated.
  • This magiCURL formula adds shine and moisture to your locks.
  • It dries with a slight cast that can be scrunched out to give you soft, bouncy curls that look good all day!
  • It can be used to style wet hair or you can add some to your spray bottle for refreshing your curls on day 2 or 3 etc
  • Anti Frizz Curl Enhancer
R 320.00
320 King Coins
Mnf. code: 21373

Shipped in: 1 - 3 business days


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