Toxic Overload


Toxic overload, increased stress, and unhealthy living are all taking a major toll on our bodies. There is no longer respect for the vessel in which we live and breathe. Wellness initiatives across the globe are working towards creating a greater awareness of 'healthy living' practices from the right foods to eat to the best supplements to take to support our body’s deficiencies. Regular exercise, enough sleep, and balance between work and play are all part and parcel of improving our overall wellbeing.

What does, however, lead to confusion and lack of interest, is the amount of information we need to sift through to find out what is really going to make a difference to the way we feel and live. It really helps to find a wellness partner that can provide you with all the support you need, under one roof. This is where Fruit & Roots in Bryanston has differentiated itself from being “just another health store”.

Not only is Fruits & Roots an organic food store, but also a popular vegetarian restaurant. Its extensive range of products provide solutions for a healthier, greener lifestyle, including supplementation, body care, non-toxic cleaning products and a range of 'gluten-free food'.
Dedicated staff members are on-hand to provide the best possible service, helping you along your journey to a healthier, happier self. This includes an in-store homeopath who is available for advice and guidance on a wide range of remedies and supplements.

The restaurant offers the freshest, tastiest and healthiest of vegan food options, tantalising all the taste buds with its vegetarian buffet, standard menu options, organic certified coffees and the most delicious cakes and sweets from gluten-free carrot cake and carob Florentine brownies to coconut and date balls and so much more.
Having a get together, special occasion, or running late with the evening meal, Fruit & Roots also offers a full catering service to meet all your every needs.

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