Real Thing Ester C 60’s



IT’S MORE EASILY ABSORBED. A few hours after taking Ester-C®, blood levels are twice as high as they would be after regular vitamin C. Plus the loss of ascorbate by urine is a massive six-times lower. More in, less out.
IT’S MORE BIOAVAILABLE. A comprehensive study from the University of California confirmed that Ester-C®’s high concentration of the vitamin C metabolite calcium threonate effectively increases its absorption even further. And further than 400 times faster is pretty fast.
IT’S SIDE-EFFECT FREE. Regular vitamin C is acidic (why do you think it’s also called acscorbic acid?). And that’s why it can be associated with heartburn, stomach irritation and even damage to tooth enamel. But not pH-neutralised Ester-C®. In a 2006 study published in Advances in Therapy, acid-sensitive people were given 1g of either Ester-C® or regular vitamin C. The result? Heartburn was “significantly more frequent and severe” after taking the regular kind. That’s not so hot.
IT LASTS ALL DAY. Ester-C® is not only absorbed faster, it’s also retained in the body’s white blood cells for up to 24 hours. That’s anti-oxidation around the clock.



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