Eating food the way nature intended


The food we eat has a major impact on our health, our weight and the way we feel. Research has shown that what we put in our mouths ultimately affects the way our body functions.

The influence of toxins, hormones and the genetic modification of the foods we eat can lead to many health problems, such as increased allergies, diabetes, obesity, infertility, addiction and depression.

This is why I was feeling so unwell. Unhealthy food choices and the stressful days of work overload eventually had taken its toll on my body. Thank goodness, my friend invited me to Fruits & Roots for their daily vegetarian buffet.

I never thought that food could taste so good. I think we have become so used to eating our current food choices that we have forgotten what real food can taste like. It was absolutely scrumptious – I suddenly remember what a tomato used to taste like – and that is because all the food that Fruits & Roots prepares comes from organic origin – directly from the earth without the use of harmful pesticides.

The variety and flavor combinations excited my taste buds, and I thought to myself, if I could eat like this on a daily basis I would be really happy and, in fact, would never return to my regular, quick in between rushing greasy pies and sugar-laden muffins. This is the way we were meant to eat.

From nutrient-rich vegetables, such as roast butternut, broccoli and green beans, combined with the rich flavours of basil pesto, chilli, rocket, feta, olives and walnuts – each plate has its own delectable taste that lingers long after you take your final mouth full.

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