Besides our passion for serving our customers with wholesome foods and providing a store full of products that support health and promote sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives. A growing interest is to support causes that are an extension of our passion for reducing our footprint on the earth and promoting conservation.

Restore with Mother Nature is a non profit organisation involved in projects that restore ecosystems as well as the reintroduction of keystone species that on their own restore ecosystems. Restore With Mother Nature also campaigns against coal and single use plastic and will generally campaign behind any environmental cause.

Current projects are in South Africa & Madagascar.The causes we support at the moment are the Endangered Wildlife Trust where restoration of Dryland ecosystems are taking place in the Karoo as well as a wetland restoration project in Kwa-Zulu Natal.The other organisation we are working with is The Eden Project which plants mangrove trees in Madagascar.

With your support we can contribute to the protection of keystone species, grasslands, mangroves, drylands, wetlands, and the pursuit of a zero-waste lifestyle.

Organisations We Love To Donate To and Support and Love Their Work