Alternatives to medicine


Seasons are changing, rain is scarce, life is stressful – all these factors have attacked my body’s defenses, and literally in one day, have caused me to feel drained, trying to nurse a tight chest and aching joints.

I am not one for medication. It is not that I am against it; my body decided a long time ago that antibiotics were not going to be my best friend, and, when illness struck, I needed to find another alternative. This was tricky, and confusing – where to start and what would actually work?

This is when I was so glad to stumble upon Fruit & Roots in Bryanston. For many years, I have felt frustrated and despondent, trying different remedies and therapies with little to no long term relief.  What I liked about Fruits & Roots is they make you feel like part of the family. There is a qualified homeopath on board that can provide you with advice and the appropriate medication to get you back on track and feeling healthy again. What’s more, they support you in terms of lifestyle and dietary advice, which has helped me to improve my overall health, so I am less likely to get sick in the first place.

By following a healthy eating plan, exercising, and taking the correct supplementation, I am a changed person. I visit Fruit & Roots every third Thursday of the month to purchase my supplements. They offer 20% discount on all store products – look how much I saved this month!

Fruit & Roots has been my best friend along my journey to a healthier and happier me. Take time to go visit at the Hobart Centre, Bryanston, and when you there make sure you sit down for a delicious vegetarian lunch or nutrient-rich smoothie.

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