Living a zero-waste lifestyle

Living a zero-waste lifestyle


It is only since the recent water shortages in Johannesburg that people have become more proactive in conserving water. It is only when something is lost, that we, as a society, realise that we need to take certain measures to enforce change, and, in most instances, it is too late.

The same applies to waste. Once it is collected and out of site, it is so easy to forget about where it goes and the impact it is having on our environment.

Plastic in one of the biggest concerns. It is everywhere. Just walk into any shopping centre and see how many items are packaged in plastic, not to mention the plastic bags we take home with us, store leftover food in, and the plastic bottles we drink out of. And, it is not easy to dispose of, not to mention the risk of using plastic for our overall health.

Have you heard of living a zero-waste lifestyle? It’s about changing one’s lifestyle through reduced impact on the environment.

Individual or company, many have decided to make the change. Some in small ways, others more dramatic. It does not matter where you start, each action counts towards collective change, which can shift our reality.

In fact, it is estimated that if every person was composting their organic waste (food, yard trimmings and paper), we would have the potential to cut the land fill waste in half.

So what is composting? It is breaking down organic waste into soil using heat, time and sometimes worms. This creates healthy plants from healthy, nutrient-rich soil, improved water retention and less pest problems. It also saves money – you no longer need to buy expensive soil conditioner and bagged manure.

What else can you do? Reduce your use of plastic and soda cans and rather use glass; take the stairs rather than the lift and, where possible, walk rather than drive; reduce your electricity and water usage; and try no TV and electronic gadgets and rather spend quality time with family and friends.

For more information visit Lauren Singer’s blog: This 25-year-old is living zero waste in NYC. Her goal is to fit a year’s worth of trash in a single mason jar.

Fruits & Roots is currently implementing a zero-waste concept in its kitchen and restaurant and is supporting its customers to make change within their living environments.

Let’s work together for a better world.

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